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…devastation doesn’t always mean the end. Quite often it just means that a completely new foundation is needed for the life that’s coming. Sometimes God needs to allow a wrecking to occur so that He can build anew. It can be overwhelming to see the devastation of destruction and the beauty of new life occupying the same space. But when you see or experience it you realize that sometimes, that’s the way it was meant to be.
”Behold, I am making all things new.”

from “Journal Entries: XI”


At one point she looked back and saw in the distance the rubble of the walls she’d scaled. She wondered why, but deep down she knew. She scolded herself for continuing on that road for so long. She wondered why she hadn’t seen the road for what it was. She wondered why she’d kept her hope alive for so long. She looked longingly at that road, knowing and believing that there were more roses on the other side of those walls. But what if those roses weren’t for her? And how long would it take to reach the destination, still unknown? And how many more walls would she have to scale? And what about the life that she knew she was meant to live? Was it even on that road, behind those walls? She did not know the answers to these questions. She sensed that the answers didn’t work in her favor, but she didn’t know for sure. She just knew that she had to follow the sun. She knew that the lessons she had learned were so much bigger than she could ever imagine. She knew that she had something to share with this beautiful world that was now firmly planted in her view. She knew…she just knew. This world was wonderful and she would not be in it unless she had something to share…

from “Roses”


And speaking of hearts, learn to guard yours. Not so that people will be kept out, but so that the jewels within stay polished and ready to shine. Know that what is for you is already yours. Allow pressure to polish the diamonds buried in the depths of your heart’s garden. Allow them to shine so that your heart-song can always be heard.
Guard your heart.
Pay attention to your peace.
Weigh all things that come your way with your peace.

from “Dear Carefree Black Girl”